One example of how we’re losing liberty on our streets

Jimmy Breslin

Sunday, May 8th 2011, 4:00 AM

Over 970,000 drivers were stopped last year by police with many of those stops dictated by the driver's race.

She is driving down Miller Ave. in East New York, which is in Brooklyn, a street of two-story houses, a pleasant scene except that while the city has huge interest in our killing of somebody in the Middle East, we are losing liberty on our streets without great notice.

There were 976,420 drivers stopped by police last year. It is a horrible thought that race has something to do with it.

The former Jennifer Battista is a Dominican young lady with large beautiful dark eyes. This is about 10 days ago and she is driving from her job, a good job in a big hospital, driving to meet her husband and go home. She is 26 and has two children at home with their grandmother.

“Pull over,” the cop’s voice comes over a loudspeaker. The police car was suddenly behind her. Moving to the curb, she went over her driving record and didn’t recall any problem.

It was 6 o’clock at the start of an evening that had some beginnings of fog. The police in their car couldn’t see her.

“Do not get out of the car.”

Jennifer describes: The two cops were out of their car. One was white and his partner was Latino. The white walked up and she handed out her license, registration and insurance card. The cop took them back to his car. He returned.