A Bedford-Stuyvesant Balladeer wants to spread her love of opera and her message of being true to self

By Marina Stanley | Bed-Stuy Patch| August 4, 2011

One outrageous Bedford-Stuyvesant opera singer is taking her soprano to the streets and shaking up the entire genre.

You may be pleasantly ambushed by Malesha Jessie’s powerful, classically trained soprano voice while at a Bed-Stuy bodega, barber shop or laundromat. And if so, well… then lucky you!

She performs at random cityscapes and ordinary places, so you never quite know when or where to expect her or why she’s even there.

She classifies her talent as a gift and a passion: “You have to surrender and be vulnerable in opera because opera is drama and it’s melodramatic. You can’t fake that.”

A native of Claremont, California, Jessie has lived in Bed-Stuy nearly 3 years. She’s been studying Opera for more than 10 years. She has perfomed with the Boston Pops and was cast member of the San Francisco production of Porgy and Bess.