Credit Fedrecia Hartley

Local artists showcase their talent at the 2011 Fulton Art Fair
By C. Zawadi Morris |Email the author |August 13, 2011

The Fulton Art Fair was formed in 1958 to exhibit, promote and publish fine and performing arts in the city and state of New York.

The annual art exhibit “On the Fence” is an event designed to bring together visual artists of African descent from all over the world who are seeking new ways to promote their artwork within the community.

Fulton Art Fair is a showcase of artists, communicating the stories, sights and sounds of a people’s experience from the homeland to their travels across the seas to new lands.

“On the Fence” originally began on Father’s Day at Fulton Park. This year’s exhibition continues that tradition, bringing artists from across Central Brooklyn to Fulton Park (Fulton St/ Harriett Ross Tubman Blvd. bet. Stuyvesant & Lewis Aves).

The exhibit, which kicked off last weekend, features a selection of painting, sculpture and mixed media. This weekend, from 12:00pm–6:00pm, will be the final weekend to check out “On the Fence.” Don’t miss your chance to see the work of your local diamonds in the rough. Come out, enjoy the exhibition, talk to the artists (they’re all sitting on chairs directly across from the art), and go home with an original painting, photo or sculpture.

This year’s featured artists include: Fredrecia Hartley, Randolph Waterman, Otto Neals, KA MacIntosh, Ruben Holder, James McKay, Edward S. Bates, Scharalet Kee, Joseph S. Bell-Bey, Rudolph Greenaway, Diane Grazette-Collins and Gerald Jones.

Music courtesy The Mango Room, “So Nice”