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February 2019
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Tag: health

What to Eat Now

by Gabrielle DeGroot Redford, AARP The Magazine, August/September 2014 Here’s what really matters when it comes to diet and health En español l Low fat, low sugar. High fat, low carb. High carb, plant-based. Mediterranean. Atkins. Ornish. At some point in the past 12 months, at least one study has appeared in a well-respected, peer-reviewed […]

Nutrition Labels on Food: How to Read Them, and Read Between the Lines

by Donna Gates Reading nutrition labels can be tricky, but is essential if you want to eat healthy and protect your health. Learn what to look for, and how to compare different food choices. Did you know that the loopholes in FDA requirements for nutrition labeling allow the processed food industry to trick even the […]

Feds Expose Subway Riders to Chemical Gas, Admits Ignorance to Health Effects

We’re not sure about the health risks, but we’re going to gas you anyway. Kit Daniels July 10, 2013 UPDATE: The article on the alleged MTA notice, which we previously linked to, is now gone. However, upon further research, the Brookhaven National Laboratory has information on the Perfluorocarbons used in the terrorist response […]

Consider giving the gift of leadership and health to an East NY Farms!

Our youth leaders did amazing work this year! We worked with 21 first year interns, 12 returning interns and 5 alumni youth in our externship program at partner organizations. Youth built over 70 raised beds for local gardens, grew over 7,000 lbs. of food for our community on our ½ acre urban farm, and cooked […]