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February 2019
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Tag: Con Edision

Protect Your Family & Home — Call Before You Dig

Call 811 before starting a home improvement project that requires excavation. If you don’t, you could hit gas, electric, water, sewer, cable, or telephone lines, and endanger yourself and others. Call 2 to 10 days before starting – whether planting a tree, putting in a mailbox or working on larger projects. Utility companies will mark […]

Smell Gas. Act Fast.

Smell rotten eggs? If you suspect a gas leak, leave immediately and take others with you. DO NOT do anything that could create a spark, such as light a match, smoke, use the phone, turn lights or appliances on or off, or start a car. Once outside, call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) or 911 to report the […]

5 Ways Not to Sweat Your Air-Conditioning Bills

Con Edison’s energy efficiency programs for homes and businesses can help you lower your energy bills. Below are five easy tips: Set A/Cs to 78 degrees. Any lower and costs could go way up. Clean room A/C filters monthly. Service your central air every two years. Buy the right-sized room A/C. If it’s too big, […]

These hot tips will keep you cool

Summer is heating up, so try these energy-saving ideas to keep your cool and save money. Buy a new ENERGY STAR room air conditioner, and we’ll give you $25. Download rebate applications here. Keep A/C filters clean so your system runs more efficiently. When you set your thermostat, keep in mind that every degree you […]

5 Ways to Save $, Energy, this Summer

Buy an energy-efficient A/C and get a $25 rebate. >>click here Buy the right-sized room AC. Oversized A/Cs are less efficient. Control your central air from your cell phone or the Internet with a free programmable thermostat. >>click here Don’t run your A/C when the outdoor temperature is below 70 degrees. Cut A/C use by […]