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February 2019
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Archive for 'Well Being'

What to Eat Now

by Gabrielle DeGroot Redford, AARP The Magazine, August/September 2014 Here’s what really matters when it comes to diet and health En español l Low fat, low sugar. High fat, low carb. High carb, plant-based. Mediterranean. Atkins. Ornish. At some point in the past 12 months, at least one study has appeared in a well-respected, peer-reviewed […]

7 Ways to Save Your Own Life

A Survival Guide For 50+ Americans Mike Zimmerman | AARP The Magazine | June/July 2014 “Surprise is our Achilles’ heel,” says Guy H. Haskell, a 30-year EMS veteran and executive director of Emergency Medical and Safety Services Consultants in Bloomington, Indiana. “Extreme situations always sound crazy — until you’re in one. That’s when panic sets […]

Thank You! from ENYF

ENYF! 2013 Farmers Market has been amazing! We had cultural performance during our SummerDaze events with ArtsENY, we had another year of our annual corn festival, pie contest, pumpkin fest and lets not forget our hot pepper contest! We want to thank you for making this a successful year. Full of fresh produce, creativity and […]

Just a Reminder

Just a reminder the last day of our farmers market is November 16th. In efforts to continue access to fresh and affordable foods all year long, our first Winter CSA Program will start December 2013. Enjoy fresh produce during the winter season with a once a month pick up. Available December, January, February and March. $35/month, […]

Nutrition Labels on Food: How to Read Them, and Read Between the Lines

by Donna Gates Reading nutrition labels can be tricky, but is essential if you want to eat healthy and protect your health. Learn what to look for, and how to compare different food choices. Did you know that the loopholes in FDA requirements for nutrition labeling allow the processed food industry to trick even the […]

My Natural Sweeteners of Choice

Written by Kristen | Food Renegade In the past, I’ve railed against agave nectar, truvia and splenda. I’ve even dogged on natural sweeteners because — let’s face it — on a metabolic level too much sugar is bad for you. “I get it. I really do. But I still want to know which natural sweeteners […]

Five healthy snacks you can enjoy without guilt

Sandeep Godiyal | Natural News | July 11, 2013   The phenomenon of guilt involving eating is just a state of mind. Why would someone feel guilty when all he wanted to do is eat? The hype about guilt-free eating has been misinterpreted by many to mean not eating at all. Self-deprivation does more damage to […]