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February 2019
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10 Reasons Why I Hate Bottle Redemption Fees (and You Should Too)

By Len Penzo | Len Penzo Dot Com Currently, ten states have some form of bottle bill on their books that require deposits on certain aluminum and glass beverage containers that can be returned later for a refund. In addition to my home state of California, the other states that have bottle redemption laws on […]

What to Eat Now

by Gabrielle DeGroot Redford, AARP The Magazine, August/September 2014 Here’s what really matters when it comes to diet and health En español l Low fat, low sugar. High fat, low carb. High carb, plant-based. Mediterranean. Atkins. Ornish. At some point in the past 12 months, at least one study has appeared in a well-respected, peer-reviewed […]

An Idea Whos Time Has Come

Shared by Lee Kottner on Facebook See if you can get somewhere in your neighborhood to do this. “We enter a little coffeehouse with a friend of mine and give our order. While we’re approaching our table two people come in and they go to the counter: ‘Five coffees, please. Two of them for us […]

Nutrition Labels on Food: How to Read Them, and Read Between the Lines

by Donna Gates Reading nutrition labels can be tricky, but is essential if you want to eat healthy and protect your health. Learn what to look for, and how to compare different food choices. Did you know that the loopholes in FDA requirements for nutrition labeling allow the processed food industry to trick even the […]

NYPD Community Alert!

Safeguard your apartment and home. Recent burglaries have occurred in the neighborhood. BE ALERT FOR SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY Perpetrators are gaining entry by: Forcing locked doors, mainly the front due to inadequate locks. Front doors left open unsecured. Unlocked rear windows. Fire escape windows.  Remember to: Secure all windows and doors. Install and lock secondary locks. […]

Save the Date! Celebrating Our Seniors

The Aging in New York Fund invites you to participate in its inaugural event: Celebrating Our Seniors – A Walk Through Time. Please consider supporting the Fund by either joining an existing team or creating your own team and walking to celebrate all things senior! Celebrating Our Seniors ‐ A Walk Through Time is a […]

My Natural Sweeteners of Choice

Written by Kristen | Food Renegade In the past, I’ve railed against agave nectar, truvia and splenda. I’ve even dogged on natural sweeteners because — let’s face it — on a metabolic level too much sugar is bad for you. “I get it. I really do. But I still want to know which natural sweeteners […]

5 Ways Not to Sweat Your Air-Conditioning Bills

Con Edison’s energy efficiency programs for homes and businesses can help you lower your energy bills. Below are five easy tips: Set A/Cs to 78 degrees. Any lower and costs could go way up. Clean room A/C filters monthly. Service your central air every two years. Buy the right-sized room A/C. If it’s too big, […]

Feds Expose Subway Riders to Chemical Gas, Admits Ignorance to Health Effects

We’re not sure about the health risks, but we’re going to gas you anyway. Kit Daniels July 10, 2013 UPDATE: The article on the alleged MTA notice, which we previously linked to, is now gone. However, upon further research, the Brookhaven National Laboratory has information on the Perfluorocarbons used in the terrorist response […]

Five healthy snacks you can enjoy without guilt

Sandeep Godiyal | Natural News | July 11, 2013   The phenomenon of guilt involving eating is just a state of mind. Why would someone feel guilty when all he wanted to do is eat? The hype about guilt-free eating has been misinterpreted by many to mean not eating at all. Self-deprivation does more damage to […]