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February 2019
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Heirloom Seed Suppliers

Here is a useful list of 40+ 230+ companies supplying heirloom / non-GMO / organic seeds. If health is wealth, then this page is solid gold! 🙂 Please share this important information. If you have any additions or corrections for this list, please let us know! We welcome genuine suppliers based anywhere in the world. […]

NYPD Community Alert!

Safeguard your apartment and home. Recent burglaries have occurred in the neighborhood. BE ALERT FOR SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY Perpetrators are gaining entry by: Forcing locked doors, mainly the front due to inadequate locks. Front doors left open unsecured. Unlocked rear windows. Fire escape windows.  Remember to: Secure all windows and doors. Install and lock secondary locks. […]

5 Ways Not to Sweat Your Air-Conditioning Bills

Con Edison’s energy efficiency programs for homes and businesses can help you lower your energy bills. Below are five easy tips: Set A/Cs to 78 degrees. Any lower and costs could go way up. Clean room A/C filters monthly. Service your central air every two years. Buy the right-sized room A/C. If it’s too big, […]

Feds Expose Subway Riders to Chemical Gas, Admits Ignorance to Health Effects

We’re not sure about the health risks, but we’re going to gas you anyway. Kit Daniels July 10, 2013 UPDATE: The article on the alleged MTA notice, which we previously linked to, is now gone. However, upon further research, the Brookhaven National Laboratory has information on the Perfluorocarbons used in the terrorist response […]

These hot tips will keep you cool

Summer is heating up, so try these energy-saving ideas to keep your cool and save money. Buy a new ENERGY STAR room air conditioner, and we’ll give you $25. Download rebate applications here. Keep A/C filters clean so your system runs more efficiently. When you set your thermostat, keep in mind that every degree you […]

Mayor Updates City’s Hurricane Evacuation Zones

Posted by C. Zawadi Morris (Editor) | BedStuyPatch   Evacuation Zones 1 through 6 have replaced Zones A, B and C Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway and Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph F. Bruno on Tuesday announced an updated zone schedule for the City’s hurricane evacuation zones. Evacuation Zones 1 through 6 are replacing the previous Zones […]

Got Your Bug Out Bag?

Frugalista Amrita Singh swears she isn’t an alarmist, but she does believe in keeping a bug out bag (a.k.a. an evacuation kit) packed and on the ready. This is a frugal activity that could prove priceless if the need ever arises. Your kit should include enough supplies to last you over a 72-hour period, including […]

BeFitNYC and more…

from Margot the Foodie I met Margot the Foodie on the last day of the ENY Farmer’s Market and she was handing out info about BeFitNYC. She was nice enough to send links to useful info about free and/or low cost fitness programs around Brooklyn and other ways to get through the winter blues. BeFitNYC […]

No You’re not crazy… Yes that was an earthquake!

In recent days our little block of Miller Avenue has been through a lot. Last week it was flooding rains and exploding manhole covers, today it was an earthquake. And just when you thought it was safe to get back in the pool… there’s a hurricane on the way! Visit for breaking news, world […]

Could Your Finances Survive a Natural Disaster?

By Steve Vernon | CBS MoneyWatch – Mon, Mar 14, 2011 3:00 AM EDT The earthquake and tsunami in Japan should be wake-up calls for all of us regarding disaster preparedness. No matter where you live, you’re subject to the risk of a disastrous earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, or terrorist act. There’s lots of […]