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January 2019
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Help NYC’s food businesses compost with local community sites!

  Dear Friend, Citizens Committee believes New York City Council should consider allowing local restaurants and food businesses to prove their commitment to environmental stewardship, neighborhoods and customers by allowing them to give a portion of their food scraps to community compost sites rather than have them carted away to other states that are far […]

Workshop: DIY Projects

Workshop: Build a Hoophouse (Greenhouse) Join us for another DIY workshop to learn how to build a hoophouse in your community garden! A hoophouse is a simple greenhouse structure that can extend your growing season and protect your plants and seedlings from harsh weather. We will be working in a community garden so that participants […]

FREE Zumba Class

United Community Center’s is proud to host; FREE ZUMBA CLASS Sponsored by JCPenney Every TUESDAY starting   July 8th 2014  from 6:30 -7:30pm @United Community Centers  613 New Lots Avenue UCC will host a series of Zumba classes sponsored by JCPenny. Starting July 8th participants will receive a Free Full Zumba Outfit gifted by JCPenny. Participants are encouraged to attend […]

You’re invited to the United Community Centers Garden Party!

United Community Centers Garden Party Please join us for an evening in the garden. Meet our Board, staff, program participants, and neighbors. Enjoy appetizers, drinks, performances, music, and a raffle while the sun sets over East New York. Friday, June 6, 2014 from 6:30 to 9:00 PM New Vision Garden Corner of Schenck and Livonia […]

Dead Malls: New York Has Most in Nation

The Golden Age of the American shopping mall is over and the shopping landscape has changed. Or has it? By Melinda Carstensen  | Bed Stuy Patch They’re a blight on America’s suburban landscape: hulking dead shopping malls, many with boarded windows, sagging rooftops and parking lots full of weeds.The American shopping mall saw its Golden […]

Workshop: DIY Rainwater Harvesting

Join us for a hands-on workshop that will lead you through building a basic rainwater harvesting system for your community garden. Learn the importance of water conservation, how to plan and design your system, where to put your system, what materials are needed for your system, and how to assemble and maintain your system. Sponsored by […]

Uniform Land Use Review Procedure Public Hearing

FROM THE OFFICE OF THE BROOKLYN BOROUGH PRESIDENT UNIFORM LAND USE REVIEW PROCEDURE PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to Sections 197-C and 201 of the New York City Charter, the Brooklyn Borough President will hold a public hearing on the following matters in the Community Room, Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon Street, […]

Garifuna-American Heritage Month proclaimed at City Hall

By Tequila Minsky | CaribBean Life Earlier this month at City Hall, March 11-April 12 was proclaimed Garífuna-American Heritage Month. Members of the Garifuna Coalition and others in the community were on hand for the honors. Heritage Month acknowledges the great contributions of Garífuna-Americans to the fabric of New York City and New York State. […]

Workshop: To Be Or Not To Be a 501(c)(3)

Citizens Committee is partnering with the Lawyers Alliance for New York to offer a new workshop to community groups: To Be or Not To Be a 501(c)3. In this workshop, we will explore the questions: Does it make sense for your community group to apply for 501(c)(3) status? What is 501(c)(3)? What is the difference […]

Thank You! from ENYF

ENYF! 2013 Farmers Market has been amazing! We had cultural performance during our SummerDaze events with ArtsENY, we had another year of our annual corn festival, pie contest, pumpkin fest and lets not forget our hot pepper contest! We want to thank you for making this a successful year. Full of fresh produce, creativity and […]