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February 2019
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Dead Malls: New York Has Most in Nation

The Golden Age of the American shopping mall is over and the shopping landscape has changed. Or has it? By Melinda Carstensen  | Bed Stuy Patch They’re a blight on America’s suburban landscape: hulking dead shopping malls, many with boarded windows, sagging rooftops and parking lots full of weeds.The American shopping mall saw its Golden […]

Job openings – ENYF Project Director and UCC Development Associate

Dear friends, We are opening up a new search for a Project Director, with an updated job description. I will be staying on as Project Director through the fall. Our parent organization, UCC, is also hiring a Development Associate. This is a new position, and the development associate will work closely with the ENYF Project […]

Is Barclays Getting a Second Pro Sports Team?

Brooklyn may become home to the NHL’s New York Islanders. By Robert Myers | Bed-Stey Patch | October 24, 2012 The Nets may be getting some roommates in their new Brooklyn home. Barclays Center and the New York Islanders will be holding a press conference for a “major announcement” Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. While no […]

A Casino for NYC?

Gov. Cuomo supports an NYC casino, and the Justice Department no longer opposes most Internet gambling. By Jamie Schuh | Bed-StuyPatch | December 26, 2011 Governor Andrew Cuomo said he supports the idea of a bringing a casino New York City’s way, according to a year’s end interview with the Daily News. The governor will […]

The Postal Service Makes Drastic Cuts

The closure of almost half of the country’s mail processing centers, as well as almost 4,000 local post offices, means that it may take longer to send and receive your mail. By Jamie Schuh | Bed-Stuy Patch Starting in the spring, it may take a little while longer to get your mail. Facing bankruptcy, the […]

Brooklyn Second to Bronx in Unemployment

The unemployment rate in Brooklyn is still close to 10%, and though new jobs are being created, employment is still not at pre-recession levels. By Jamie Schuh | Bed-Stuy Patch Brooklyn has the second highest rate of unemployment in New York City, behind the Bronx, according to a new report in the Brooklyn Ink. As […]

Nielsen Study Shows African-American Buying Habits

New study claims African Americans’ buying power is expected to reach $1.1 trillion By C. Zawadi Morris | Bed-Stuy Patch With a buying power of nearly $1 trillion annually, if African Americans were a country, they’d be the 16th largest country in the world, according to a recent report entitled, The State of the African-American […]

Cell Phone Service Coming to MTA Subways

The new service will be launched Tuesday at six stations, as a part of a pilot program By C. Zawadi Morris | Bed-Stuy Patch Beginning Tuesday, cell phone and WiFi service will be available in six subway stations in Manhattan, according to the NY Daily News. The new service will be launched next week, as […]

Are you UNDERemployed? Here Are a Few Tips

By C. Zawadi Morris | Bed-Stuy Patch The unemployment rate may be readying itself for a slow, but gradual decline, as it hovers at 9.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on September 2. However, according to the latest Gallup survey, underemployment — a classification that includes those workers that are highly skilled […]