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June 2012
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Frequent Flyer Miles

Hi East New York Farms! Friends and Family,

Can you donate frequent flyer miles to support food justice and youth leadership?

Last winter many of you helped to support East New York Farms! and the national food justice movement by sending Celeste Leandry to the Rooted In Community (RIC) Winter Institute. RIC is a national grassroots network of youth and adults committed to fostering healthy communities and food justice through urban and rural agriculture, community gardening, food security, and related environmental work.

In her words, you must “congratulate yourselves because you are part of the thousands fighting for food justice…we made the Youth Food Bill of Rights more concrete and updated it to deal with everyone not just specific areas of people.” Your support helped give Celeste the opportunity to grow as a leader, become connected to a larger movement to ensure that all people have access to healthy food, and, most importantly, bring back what she learned to other youth in our program.

Now Celeste is in New Orleans as part of the council that is planning the summer 2012 conference. But the summer conference is in Iowa, and getting there is expensive! We want to help Celeste get to the RIC Summer conference in Iowa, to see the fruition of her work and continue to be inspired by and inspire other youth from across the country. Tickets to Iowa are expensive and we are asking for your help!


Miles: 30,000 frequent flyer miles will get Celeste to Iowa! Miles on Delta are best. Please contact if you are interested in making this transfer.

Save the date for a BBQ and fundraiser at UCC Youth Farm to support up to two more youth leaders to attend this conference. Sunday July 15th. More details to follow!

Donations: If you can’t donate miles or attend the fundraiser, donations of any amount are appreciated! You can make your donation through:
Network for Good (United Community Centers)

send a check payable to ‘United Community Centers’ with ‘East New York Farms!’ in the notes to:
East New York Farms!
United Community Centers
613 New Lots Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11207

Thank you!!

East New York Farms!

United Community Centers
613 New Lots Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207

(718) 649-7979 
Fax (718) 649-7256

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