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November 2011
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BeFitNYC and more…

from Margot the Foodie

I met Margot the Foodie on the last day of the ENY Farmer’s Market and she was handing out info about BeFitNYC. She was nice enough to send links to useful info about free and/or low cost fitness programs around Brooklyn and other ways to get through the winter blues.

BeFitNYC Events and Groups

The BeFitNYC Facebook App acts as companion to BeFitNYC, New York City’s search engine for free and low-cost fitness activities. BeFitNYC can help you find programs and classes, facilities and leagues to help you get fit, and the BeFitNYC Facebook App can help you connect with people to get fit with!

The BeFitNYC App allows you to connect with friends, family and others by creating a get-together for fitness called BeFitNYC Events. You can make plans to go to an existing event and invite people to join you, or you can create your own event. If you are looking to do the same activity over a longer period of time, you can create a BeFitNYC Group. This allows you to connect with others with the same fitness interest, making it easier to find people to attend your BeFitNYC Events.

Grocery Food/ Green $saving Sources Brooklyn

Places to save money /get quality/ go as fresh as you can without going bust RE Connect With The FRESH says Margothefoodie at her nutrition blog that talks about cooking and stuff you always wondered about see

NYC Parks adult only fitness Areas and Parcourses

The following is a link of the city areas designated for adults to stay fit year around  (outside)

Included are videos for exercises at different levelsBecause you want to Not Be In Violation Of Using The Playground Without A Kid That You Are Responsible For, here is the rules : see
Exclusive Childrens Playgrounds:Adults allowed in playground areas only when accompanied by a child under the age of twelve (12).Exclusive Senior Citizens Areas: Certain areas of any park may be set aside for citizens aged sixty-five (65) and older, for their quiet enjoyment and safety.

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